Twiggi XXS Inox

ART. 200203

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10-year warranty



Linkable and extendible from wall to wall


  • Wall-to-Wall shower drain
  • Extra narrow grille 30 mm wide
  • Linkable and extendable
  • 31 liters per minute
  • Only 54 mm installation height
  • Adjustable grid for floors from 4 mm to 43 mm
  • All-in-one package
  • 70-100cm, 80-110cm or 100-160cm
  • Available in 9 colours
  • 10 year warranty

With the three available total packages you can run the Twiggi perfectly from wall to wall in any shower. Even corner connections can be made as standard with the Twiggi system. The low installation height of only 56 mm and the enormous discharge rate of 31 litres per minute make the Twiggi a real passe-partout.

Ground-breaking technology

The technology of the Carrodrain Twiggi is particularly ground-breaking. No fewer than three patents have been granted to this unique shower drain: unique waterproofing system (patent n° BE 1018522), extendable and linkable grating (patent n° BE 1023701) and revolutionary siphon technology (patent n° BE 1022376).


The "Wall-2-Wall" system allows you to extend the Twiggi from wall to wall in any setup. With the Carrodrain Twiggi you get an adapted stainless steel grating extension so that you can visually adjust the grating length to the recess size of your shower. The Twiggi XXS and XS comes standard with an extension piece of 30 cm so that it fits seamlessly into any shower cubicle between 70 and 100 cm (XXS), 80 and 110 cm (XS). The Twiggi XL comes with a stainless steel extension of 60 cm, so you can create a wall-to-wall shower grate from 100 to 160 cm. The Twiggi's XL, XS and XXS can also be connected to each other. Thanks to this smart system of extensibility and linkability, you can really run any Twiggi from wall to wall!

Waterproof with Kerlox

Combine Twiggi with Kerlox to ensure waterproofing. Kerlox is a flexible waterproofing membrane for walls and floors in bathrooms. Kerlox is produced with a base of thermoplastic polyolefin EVAC, reinforced double-sided with a layer of non-woven polypropylene (PP) fibres for perfect adhesion to cement-based tile glues. Polyolefin EVAC is a thermally stable and high-quality plastic that is odourless and not porous.

Technical info

The Twiggi can be extended and linked. You will never have to cut your tiles diagonally to let the floor slope to the shower drain. With a Twiggi, your entire shower floor will be one unit! Suitable for all types of floor finishing: natural stone, ceramic, mosaic, epoxy and cast floors.


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