Why a linear shower drain?

Why do so many people choose a linear (elongated) shower drain instead of a classic shower basin or a square drain? That has a lot to do with the advantages a linear drain has to offer...

Sleek and discreet

A modern shower drain often has a stylish and contemporary design that fits perfectly into modern, minimalist bathrooms. Carrodrain shower drains excel in terms of design and discretion thanks to their narrow grids that are barely 30 mm wide.

Fast water drainage

Thanks to their elongated shape, linear shower drains can drain a large amount of water very efficiently. As a result, the risk of water flooding in the shower is very low.

Easy to clean

Carrodrain shower drains have an easily removable siphon. Despite the narrow design, the internal parts of the shower drain remain easily accessible. This makes maintenance child’s play.

From wall to wall

Carrodrain Twiggi is the most flexible shower drain. Indeed, you can extend this drain from wall to wall with the supplied extension pieces. Thanks to this clever system of extensibility and connectivity, you can always let the Twiggi shower drain run 'wall-to-wall’, so you don’t have to cut the tiles diagonally to create good drainage.

Flexible positioning

It is best to position a drain in the centre of the shower, and with a shower basin the arrangement is usually set up in advance. However, linear shower drains can be installed on the long side, the short side or in the middle of the shower area. This gives you endless design possibilities for the layout of your bathroom.


A walk-in shower with a linear shower drain can be installed flush with the rest of the bathroom floor. This eliminates thresholds and steps, which is much safer for children, older people and people with limited mobility.

Easy maintenance

Walk-in showers with a shower drain are very easy to keep clean. The fact that there are no steps or thresholds minimises the risk of mould and mildew. A glass wall in the shower not only brings more light into the bathroom but you now also no longer need to wash shower curtains. Using large tiles means fewer joints. Fewer joints means fewer places where dirt and soap scum can accumulate. And less scrubbing means you can enjoy it more.

100% watertight

Every shower drain from Carrodrain comes with a 10-year watertight warranty. With the Kerlox waterproofing cloths, your shower area becomes one big waterproof tub. No risk of leaks, unlike with a classic shower basin, where watertightness often depends on the silicone joint around the basin.

Easy installation

A Carrodrain shower drain is very easy to install. Watch our installation videos on YouTube or simply follow the instructions on our packaging.