Frequently asked questions


Can I install a Carrodrain shower drain outside?

For outdoor applications, you remove the removable siphon of the Carrodrain shower drain to prevent frost damage. Also ensure there is a central collector recepticle with an underground odour valve. This prevents frost damage and unpleasant smells. Fun fact: by taking out the siphon, you greatly increase the Twiggi’s draining rate, up to over 60 litres per minute. Together with the low installation height, this makes your Carrodrain shower drain a real “terrasse-partout”!

How can I link several shower drains?

At Carrodrain we love simplicity. Take 2 or more shower drains. Install the first shower drain and position the next one next to it. You can put more distance between the drains if you wish. Starting from 1.60 m, you can install 2 shower drains and link them to each other. This will also double the draining rate at the same time. The overlapping Kerlox sealing cloths turn the combination into one, worry-free, waterproof unit.

With Carrodrain Twiggi, the drain becomes one sleek, continuous line from wall to wall.
Thanks to the extendibility and the linkability of the Twiggi, you get enormous freedom as a designer. You can have every shower drain run from wall to wall and even angle couplings are easy to install. Due to the linkability, you can connect two or more drains to each other, which provides a super-smart effect and doubles the draining rate! The grate extension piece provided allows you to create a grate that is the perfect size for your shower without having to cut the shower drain. Carrodrain obtained three patents on the Twiggi shower drain with it extendable grate. There were good reasons for this. There were already some drains on the market that could be shortened, but there were some risks connected to that. The seal had to be fixed after the cutting. The Carrodrain system is extended above the seal, so there is no risk in terms of it being waterproof. Of course, you can also link and combine our other models.

How (often) should I clean my shower drain?

Clean your shower drain whenever you want to and as often as you want to. Technically, the shower drain does not require frequent cleaning. The patented Carrodrain water lock prevents an unpleasant odour from the sewer and ensures that hair and debris will not be able to clog up your drainage pipes. If you notice that the shower water is no longer draining properly it is sufficient to lift up the grate, rinse the water lock and replace it. Your shower drain will then have its maximum drainage rate again. For easy maintenance, Carrodrain provides a metal ‘multi-key’ with every shower drain, which allows you to take out the grate and the siphon effortlessly. Did you lose this key? No problem; the multi-key can be ordered separately. Easy accessibility and extendibility of the siphon ensures that even if the siphon gets clogged up, you can easily fix it, without any problem. Here you can find the maintenance file for each model.

Metal or plastic underground?

At Carrodrain we resolutely opt for a combination of an ABS installation part and RVS (stainless steel) grate elements. There are several reasons for this. Metal is an attractive and very strong material, so it is perfect for our grates. They must be able to withstand wear and tear and impact (dropping shampoo bottles, etc.). Underground, however, Carrodrains opts for high-heat ABS. This high-quality plastic withstands not only extremely high temperatures (up to 90° Celsius). This material also has many other benefits. Because the ABS is formed in injection moulds, this gives almost unlimited possibilities in terms of design. Carrodrain's shower drains could never be produced in metal because of their technical design. A built-in element in ABS also does not need to be earthed, which is the case with a stainless steel built-in gutter. The ABS also has no welds and, with its smoother surface, gives less resistance to the drained water. Last but not least, there is the sound aspect. Metal gutters tend to make a lot of noise when the shower is running. The swirling water uses the metal underground parts of the shower gutter as a loudspeaker. With ABS this phenomenon is completely absent. The water drains silently. ABS is not only solid, but also much finer and tighter than metal. It is insulating and silent, so you can enjoy your shower to the fullest.

What grate should I pick?

Every Carrodrain shower drain is basically an equal powerhouse that drains 31 litres of water per minute. But above-ground there is a range of design choices. In terms of shape, you choose according to your floor type and thickness, but also according to your personal taste. If you're laying an epoxy or PU cast floor, the Carrodrain Liquid is suitable for your project. If the floors are very thin, the best one to use is our Carrodrain Invisible or Twiggi, because the Carrodrain Cayman requires a minimum floor thickness of barely 4 mm.

We offer all these designs in 10 different colours. Would you like it to match your shower taps? Check here on our colour-checker to see if your faucet has a perfect match with the Carrodrain colours! Or you may choose a contrast with your floor; black on white always works! Or do you prefer tone on tone, so that the shower drain blends in with the tint of your tiles? The choice is yours! With our 3D-simulator you can easily estimate the effect of your colour combination.

This is what you should know about our colours

Carrodrain's coloured grates are gaining tremendous popularity. Each grate of each model is available in 10 colours: Stainless steel, Black Epoxy, White Epoxy, Gold PVD, Brass PVD, Champagne, Copper PVD, Bronze PVD, Titanium PVD and Smoke PVD. Each colour is produced according to the strictest production standards. The wear resistance of our coloured grates is equivalent to that of the stainless steel version. The Black and White grates have a thick epoxy coating on top of the stainless steel. This coating is maritime quality and virtually indestructible. The PVD colours Gold, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Smoke and Titanium have a chic brushed look and are even more durable than our stainless steel grates.

What is a PVD coating?

A PVD coating or Physical Vapor Deposition is a technique that was originally used to harden production moulds more, through this condensation process of atoms or molecules from gas and vapour. The resulting discoloration is used to obtain beautiful scratch-resistant metal colours. We use this process to give stainless steel grates the most beautiful colours. This option has the additional advantage that the colours are much more solid than a standard lacquer coat in metallic colour. A PVD grate is easy to clean. When cleaning, avoid the use of abrasives or soda-based products. Use detergents with a phosphate content of 3% or lower. This way you will be able to enjoy your beautiful grate for many years to come.

Help, my grate is damaged!

If your grate gets damaged anyway, there is no reason to panic. No problem; all our shower drain grates are easy to replace without having to dig everything up. The grate is always placed on top of the substructure separately. You may just need to cut out the silicone seal around the grate. Each grate is also available separately as a spare part.