The right shower drain for any floor finish

The bathroom is pre-eminently the room in the house where you, the occupant, find peace, harmony and balance. A spacious walk-in shower is therefore an indispensable part of any contemporary bathroom. With a sleek shower drain, you keep the walk-in shower elegant and sober in its finish.
A shower drain is always perfectly sized, unlike a shower basin. Easy maintenance is an added bonus. At Carrodrain, you will always find a shower drain perfectly matched to your type of floor finish.

C a y m a n

The Carrodrain Cayman shower drain is minimalist in design but very performant. Cayman has a flow rate of 31 litres / minute and is available in 9 colours and 4 grate lengths: 60, 70, 80 and 90 cm. Despite the narrow grate of this shower drain, the siphon is still easily removable and easy to clean. Especially when you choose ceramic tiles or natural stone, Cayman is the perfect solution: top design at a friendly price.



L i q u i d

Carrodrain Liquid is by far the smartest drain for shower floors in epoxy or a floor finish in microcement. After finishing, only a minimal grate opening of 26 mm remains visible! With the 20 mm wide insert grate, the Liquid is by far the narrowest shower drain for cast floors. Super sleek and seamless. Carrodrain liquid offers you a minimalist and discreet design, available in 4 lengths: 60, 70, 80 and 90 cm. Each Carrodrain shower drain is available from stock in 9 standard colours, but if you wish you can also colour the inlay grating in the colour of your cast floor!

I n v i s i b l e

The Carrodrain Invisible shower drain is a tileable shower drain that becomes literally invisible after installation. This way, your unique floor finish completely steals the show. In the end, only a 3 mm groove around the tile strip remains visible. The tileable grating is 27 mm wide and infinitely adjustable in height and, of course, the removable siphon always remains easily accessible. Do you work with a floor finish in tiles or natural stone and want to tile the grating along? Then the Invisible shower drain from Carrodrain is the right solution for your walk-in shower.



T w i g g i

Twiggi is the most flexible drain in Carrodrain's range. After all, this shower drain can be endlessly extended from wall to wall, and you can even connect multiple Twiggies together to form one sleek line. You’ll never have to cut tiles diagonally to make the floor slope down to the shower drain again.
Mosaic, tile or natural stone? With the Twiggi shower drain from Carrodrain you can go either way, even corner connections, for example around your outdoor pool, are a standard option.