I love Manhattan

New York, New York! The capital of the world, bursting with energy. New York is also the perfect decor for the Twiggi Black Edition. Stylish and elegant, but with the top performance of a winner. This black & white bathroom is an oasis of peace in a hectic city. And don’t we all feel a bit like this New York lady when we wash away the stress and chaos of a hard day with an invigorating shower? Glorious!

The revival of black plumbing fixtures unleashed an unexpected incidental trend. Who on Earth would have imagined that ultra-modern plumbing fixtures would harmonise so completely with the vintage look of a black-lacquered steel frame?  This eclectic mix of styles comes from the magnificent villas in manor-style, in which the designers and residents strive for authenticity without compromising on either comfort of modern design. The newest techniques for lacquering and coating metals give today’s designers endless possibilities for offering durability in highly demanding conditions. The Twiggi Black Edition has a grille made of stainless steel, finished with a coating of the highest maritime quality. Indestructible and classy!

Your bathroom radiates peace and tranquillity when it is cleaned up and everything is in its place. Make sure that you can keep it organised easily, too. Leave unnecessary stuff in the cupboards as much as possible and restrict the number of little vials and jars you leave out. Natural and soft colours in the tiles are the ideal foundation for a zen-effect. If you chose black & white, it will be even easier to give your bathroom a homogenous and tranquil look. For the decor, there is an immense selection of black accessories. Finish it off with a few glamourous silver or gold accents and you will have a bathroom ‘straight from the catalogues’! More inspiration in this article.

Are you looking for a unique combination? Here you will find some tips on how to combine vintage with modern design in your bathroom. The eclectic mix!