Double effect… with Bram!


Bram Mertens is an expert in bathroom renovations and has been using Carrodrain products since 2009. He’s a real Carrodrain ‘believer’! Bram has installed hundreds of shower drains. “When the Twiggi shower drain came on the market, I was sold right away. A new elegant shower drain, which is easy to install, extendable and super thins.  Twiggi became my favourite right away.” Recently he has often worked with the Twiggi Black Edition. “Black sanitary fittings in the shower are the absolute best.  The black Twiggi provides for a perfect harmony in today’s trendy bathrooms.  The black epoxy coating is really solid and I find that very important.  I always give my personal guarantee on every project.”

The Twiggi by Carrodrain is available in two formats – XS & XL – which you can work from wall to wall in every scenario. “I specialise in renovations, and so installation depth is very important to me. The Twiggi demands barely 56 mm installation height and that is ideal. But the biggest advantage of the Twiggi, I personally think, is its ease of connection. In my bathrooms you shall often find two Twiggis which are seamlessly connected to each other. That produces an unbelievably elegant effect. Just take a look at “Bram’s Double Impact”! It has in the meantime become a bit of my signature.” But as a craftsman, Bram also values the technical side: “By placing two Twiggis along the long side of a walk-in shower, you double the drain capacity. This is a welcome addition to the large walk-in showers that are popular today.”

To make sure that they are water-tight, Bram always uses Kerlox, the water sealing membrane from Carrodrain. “Kerlox is a delight to install. It is much more supple and flexible than the other water proofing canvases that are currently available on the market. But I have to be honest: the price-quality ratio is also a great plus! (laughs)”

“I am a super-fan of the Twiggi Black Edition. It is the shower drain for today’s bathroom. Elegant, minimalistic and most of all, 100% reliable!”

Bram Mertens – expert in bathroom renovations