Cayman: a discrete powerhouse

Cayman is the baby of the Carrodrain family. The minimalism of this discrete powerhouse reminds us of the techniques a caiman uses in nature: floating beneath the water surface in a quasi-invisible state, but always ready for action.

The design was inspired by the Carrodrain Classic, the very first Carrodrain shower drain from 2009. The basis of the Cayman, however, uses the latest technology of the Carrodrain Twiggi. Due to the smart production method of the grate, the Cayman is priced very competitively.

The Cayman shower drain is available in three lengths: 70, 80 or 90 cm grate length. The gross installation size is always 10 cm longer, due to the Kerlox waterproof edge around it. Every Cayman is available in stainless steel or with a black epoxy coating: the Cayman Black Edition!

This way you are getting the best of both worlds. Belgian top design at a great price. The Cayman, just like the Twiggi, comes in a complete installation package. With its drainage rate of 31 litres per minute in an installation height of barely 60 mm – including the grate – the Carrodrain Cayman is truly unique in its kind!

The Cayman grill is extra-narrow: only 30 mm of width. Discover more about Cayman on this page.