No Twiggi, no Joeri!

Joeri Van Dyck grew up around the finesse of the tile craft from an early age. Nearly the entire Van Dyck family has been part of the tile world for many years.

Joeri swears by the craftsmanship of the past.  “For me it’s all about simple, old-fashioned trade ethics,” Joeri says, “When I drive home at night, I want to feel proud of the work I did that day. Pure speed can never be the highest priority. I go for the perfection that I would expect as a customer. The concept of the Carrodrain Twiggi fits in perfectly with my story.”

Joeri is the proud dad of three kids, but he still regularly takes continuing training in Germany. “Innovation can go hand in hand with tradition perfectly. I always want to stay informed about the latest developments. I’m amazed at how many great innovations I have already seen come and go in the tile industry. It happens pretty fast.”  Since recently, Joeri has also been using Kerlox, Carrodrain’s waterproofing cloth.  “Wow, so much more flexible and easier to handle than the alternatives on the market. Fun fact: great price. For me, Kerlox was the surprise of the year!”

Joeri is not the only one excited about the Carrodrain Twiggi: “My customers love it too.  And with such a sleek and narrow shower drain, my tile work looks even better.”

“For my projects, there is actually a monopoly for the Carrodrain Twiggi.  No Twiggi, no Joeri!” the loyal tiler laughs.  “But maybe I should speak with two words, because I have already seen some great pictures of the new Carrodrain Cayman.  It looks a bit like the Carrodrain Classic but is as sleek as the Twiggi.  And democratically prices. That will certainly be interesting for the budget-friendly projects.”

Social Media

As a young tradesman, Joeri is happy to use the opportunities social media offer. “I would say that I get about 30% of my customers from Facebook. Last week, I posted a message and immediately received three price requests from people I didn’t know. Sometimes I’m just amazed. The other projects come through existing customers or my tile supplier Azuleo.  I’m always booked up!”