What are the advantages of a walk-in shower?

A bathtub of a walk-in shower? That’s an easy choice…

Perhaps you have been in doubt for some time; is it going to be a walk-in shower? A classic shower bath? Or will it be a bathtub? After all, not every bathroom is spacious enough to accommodate both a bathtub and a walk-in shower. We list the advantages of a walk-in shower for you.

Can you really not decide between a bathtub and a walk-in shower? Why not opt for a free-standing bathtub in your bedroom? Very chique, like in the trendiest boutique hotels. And it saves you a lot of space in your bathroom!

Advantage 1: elegant and sleek

A beautifully integrated shower drain in your marble floor, the tiles or in an epoxy cast floor ... It doesn't get any sleeker! For any floor finish, a Carrodrain shower drain gives you a beautiful and elegant solution for your walk-in shower. If you opt for the Carrodrain Liquid shower drain for cast floors or the tileable shower drain: It's invisible, so you can finish the grating in the colour of your floor. Now that's class!

Advantage 2: easy maintenance

If a problem arises with your underground or built-in siphon with a bathtub or classic shower tray, you have a big challenge! Maintenance of Carrodrain's shower trays is child's play. The siphon is easy to remove and is therefore also easy to clean. Follow this link to see how easy it is!

Advantage 3: always watertight

This advantage may surprise you, but with a shower drain you have significantly less risk of leaks than with a classic shower tub. Thanks to the system of waterproofing with double flanges in Kerlox, which overlap each other, you have a completely watertight shower cubicle around your shower drain. With a classic shower tray the waterproofing often depends on the quality of the sealant. This is not ideal, given the limited lifespan of silicone joints. With the Carrodrain installation principle, complete watertightness is already attained even BEFORE you start tiling.

Nice detail: Carrodrain offers a 10-year warranty on watertightness, so you can be absolutely certain.

Advantage 4: no steps

A bathroom should be a safe environment. It is therefore very important to avoid obstacles and steps. A walk-in shower is ideal for seniors, but young people can also fall awkwardly in a bathroom with inconvenient steps. Thanks to the low recessed height of the Carrodrain shower drains, you can almost always finish flush with the rest of the bathroom floor, even in renovation projects. This way you avoid unnecessary steps and ramps.

Advantage 5: ideal for renovation

Thanks to its low installation depth, a Carrodrain shower drain is always the ideal solution for your bathroom renovation. In older homes there is often not enough floor thickness to allow for high installation. For Carrodrain drains, a floor construction of only 52mm thickness is sufficient. And you usually have that, even in old buildings.

Advantage 6: choose your colour

Have you chosen tapware in black? Or in a trendy PVD colour such as Gold, Champagne, Smoke, Titanium, Copper or Bronze? At Carrodrain you can always match the grating of the shower drain to the colour of your fittings. Through this link to the Carrodrain Colour Matching you can link the most common colours of the major manufacturers to the colours Carrodrain. The perfect match!

Advantage 7: efficient use of space

Thanks to a walk-in shower, you are not bound by fixed sizes. You gain space in your bathroom because you can fully plan the shower area yourself without limitation. If you have room for 75cm x 112cm, you can do it. If you are looking for more space and would like to build a double shower that is 2 meters wide, that is possible too. No limits! As long as you have 70cm of space on one side, you can install a Carrodrain shower drain. With the handy 3D configurator on our website you can simulate the bathroom of your dreams and experiment and combine with our shower drains. Have fun!

Advantage 8: save water

Taking a bath requires about 120 litres of water on average. That's a lot, over 50% more than the 80 litres you need for an invigorating shower. With a water-saving shower head, you do even better. Save water and opt for a walk-in shower.