The 6 hippest walk-in showers

Twiggi, the new shower drain from Carrodrain has an elegant, sleek design. With Twiggi you will just give your bathroom and walk in shower that little touch of a ‘star quality’!

Through the concept of coupling and extending elements, you can make the Twiggi extend from wall to wall in every shower. This lends the whole shower floor a sleekness. Even angle couplings are part of our standard assortment. The Twiggi is available in stainless steel or black.



This is the setting most commonly used in practice. The one side of the shower cabin is formed by a tile wall and the other by a glass wall screened off from the rest of the bath room.

TILING TIP: Cut from below +/- 3cm from your lowest wall tile before you begin to tile. Because the floor of your shower slopes down to the drain you will still have enough complete tile to cut into in order to follow the run of the slope.


The Twiggi does not always need to be placed wall-to-wall. Just look how tight this installation is. This poured epoxy floor sets seamlessly with a lovely slope toward the Twiggi…

TIP: If you decide on a poured floor in your bathroom, then the grating in the shower drain must be installed before the floor is finished. The poured floor will be poured right up to the grating. In the case of a tiled floor, the grating will be installed once the tiles have been worked. The joint around the perimeter will be neatly caulked with mildew-resistant silicone.


In this installation the Twiggi completely comes into its own. Two Twiggi’s, seamlessly connected to each other into a sleek line that runs from one wall to the next. The bathroom floor which seamlessly transitions into the sloping shower floor. Your bathroom will look twice as big.

PRACTICAL: The Twiggi is always delivered in a complete package, including accessory extensions. The Twiggi XS is 80 cm long and is delivered with an extra extension of 30 cm. The Twiggi XL is 100 cm long and comes with an extra extension of 60 cm.


Even an angle coupling of 90° can be realised with the standard Twiggi-packet. This provides enormous options.

TIP: This coupling makes the Twiggi also ideal for terrace drainage around swimming pools or wellness facilities.


Black is really back! It’s very classy!

TECHNICAL: The grating of the Twiggi Black Edition is made entirely of stainless steel and is provided with a super-strong epoxy coating. This coating is of maritime quality and is therefore robust enough to resist corrosion, soaps and cleaning products.


By daring to play with tints and colours you can often create beautiful effects. Just have a look at this combination of the Twiggi Black Edition with Emperador marble. The shower grating blends perfectly into the background and is thus nearly invisible. Less is more!

TIP: Are you using marble in your welk in shower? That’ll fly! Make sure that you have a good, protective treatment so that the marble retains the very most of its charm and radiance. Your natural stone specialist will certainly be able to give you advice about this. 

The Carrodrain Twiggi is very easy to install and is guaranteed to be waterproof. With this step-by-step plan, the installation becomes child’s play. You can find more technical information here.

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