Black is back! Instant wellness with Twiggi Black Edition.

The Twiggi inox or black shower channel is the showpiece of the Carrodrain-family. Pure simplicity, quality and timeless class.

The Twiggi and the Carrodrain Classic have been the best-selling shower channels in Belgium for years. To stay in step with current trends in interior design, Carrodrain is now expanding its family with the Twiggi Black Edition; the first black shower channel in stainless steel. The Twiggi Black Edition provides for perfect harmony in your trendy bathroom. Do you like minimalism, manor or glamour?  The black Twiggi is austere and timeless in every style.

1. MINIMAL: ceramic tiles or white marble with the Twiggi Black Edition | 2. MANOR: mortex and epoxy floors with the Twiggi Black Edition | 3. GLAM: polished marble is gorgeous with the Twiggi Black Edition

Combine this shower channel with black taps and a shower- screen in black wrought iron work and you score with an instant WOW-effect. You finish it off with black oversized handtowels, black soap dispensers and black scented candles. This creates a dramatic and sensual atmosphere. It becomes your very own place to completely relax and unwind. You get the wellness feel thrown in for free. Add a moss wall and the wellness feeling is complete.

“It’s all in the details.”

One thing is certain: The Twiggi Black Edition brings luxury, elegance and class to your bath. This shower channel is available in two sizes: XS and XL.  Nice detail? Twiggi is completely affordable and easy to install. On top of it all, Twiggi is an extendable channel so you can always work from wall to wall. Great!

You can find more info here.

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