Invisible : the invisible shower drain

Less is more. The latest Carrodrain shower drain is literally invisible: Carrodrain Invisible!

Innovation at Carrodrain focuses on installation comfort and a minimalistic design. Every Carrodrain shower drain is also a jewel worth seeing. That is what distinguishes this new shower drain from any other Carrodrain. The Invisible does not want to be seen at all!

Sometimes your floor finishing just has to steal the show. Because what is more attractive than a beautiful marble floor, where the water from your walk-in shower flows away in a quasi-invisible way? Star quality floor finishing demands a Carrodrain Invisible. Discreet, powerful and totally invisible.

Just like every Corrodrain product, Invisible is the solution to several issues designers and trade people from the field have. How often has a so-called ‘tileable grate’ been a disappointment to the client? The end client is counting on a minimalistic result but gets a banal metal grate with a few cut pieces of tile. For the craftsman, there is little honour to be gained here. Due to the excess of joints, visible profiles and cut tiles, there is just one guarantee: a disappointed client. The solution is simple: Carrodrain Invisible!

With the Carrodrain grate, you create an invisible shower drain for any natural stone or tile finishing. The Invisible grate serves as a support structure for a seamless piece of floor finishing and completely disappears into the floor. No frames, no joints and no visible edges. You tile or natural stone finishing forms a quasi-seamless whole and only a very narrow, 3mm shadow seam will be visible of the entire drainage system. This is the pure minimalism you can expect from Carrodrain Invisible. Discretion and elegance at top level.

Although the technical side of the Carrodrain Invisible is invisible during daily use, underneath it, Carrodrain Invisible is a piece of top technology. In addition, the technical interior of this discrete powerhouse is always accessible and removable. This is important for being able to clean out the patented siphon periodically.

With its low installation height of just 55mm excluding floor finishing, Carrodrain Invisible is also very suitable for renovation projects. The tile support can be covered with ceramic tiles, natural stone or even a Mortex coating. The drainage rate is as much as 31 litres a minute.
Carrodrain Invisible is available as a total installation package in three formats: 70cm, 80cm and 90cm grate length. The gross installation size is always 10 cm longer due to the Kerlox waterproof edging around it. The tileable grate is barely 27 mm wide and steplessly adjustable in height.

Nice detail!
10-year warranty included in the standard package of every Carrodrain.


TIP 1! The glue

For the finishing piece that you glue onto the metal grate support, use a high-quality flexible glue that adheres to both metal and your natural stone or ceramic tile.


TIP 2! The format

If you are using ceramic tiles, opt for a format that is at least as big as the Invisible’s grate. This way, you avoid joints on your grate; they make the whole less attractive ad less durable.


TIP 3! Plint Service

For natural stone, the sides are polished by the natural stone installer who installs your shower floor. However, if you are using a ceramic tile, it is better to hire a ‘plinth service company’ to finish the sides of your ceramic tiles. They can finish the sides of your sawed ceramic tile smoothly at a very reasonable price. This can usually not be done on location. The plinth service company has specialised equipment for this in their workshop.


TIP 4! Liquid

Did you opt for a poured floor? Then our Carrodrain Liquid is the perfect solution. The Liquid shower drain can be coloured in the same colour as the finishing coat of your epoxy or PU poured floor. This makes your Carrodrain Liquid as invisible as the Carrodrain Invisible!