Carrodrain Twiggi, surprising design around your patio and swimming pool

Children playing…cannonball? When you think of a shower drain, you probably automatically think of bathrooms. What if we told you that the Carrodrain Twiggi lends itself perfectly for outdoor applications? Both rainwater and excess pool water are drained smoothly and swiftly. No more wide, ugly gutters on your patio. Even for your outdoor shower, the connectivity and the small design of the Twiggi provide pure elegance and class. Thanks to Twiggi’s modular system you can also easily make angle couplings, which results in quasi invisible water drainage. Tip: For outdoor applications, you remove the Twiggi’s detachable siphon to prevent frost damage. Also ensure there is a central collector drain with built-in odour valve to prevent unpleasant odours. By taking out the siphon, you double the drainage flow of the Twiggi to over 60 litres per minute. Together with the low installation height of only 52 cm, this makes the Twiggi a true “terrasse-partout”!

Outdoor showers are not only practical but create a luxury effect in your garden if you do it right. Think of sturdy materials, natural elements, lush plants, special showerheads, etc. We often see our Twiggi in the most beautiful outdoor creations, from contemporary to bohemian. We are a big fan of the outdoor shower!
Outdoor showers and swimming pools can be a delight to the eye while they offer you the ideal comfort. A refreshing shower or dive into the pool on a hot summer’s day…. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Need more inspiration? Take a look at our Pinterest-board and dream away by the most beautiful outdoor showers and swimming pools.